Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holidays, House Cleaning and Weddings, Oh My!

Happy Diwali!

Friday was Diwali. I was planning to tell you about the meaning of this Holiday (you know, show how smart I am) but the truth is there are so many meanings that it would take too long. Since I would just be plagiarizing Wikipedia anyway, you can read the article yourself. Here is the link. It bears a strong resemblance to Christmas in that people put lights on their houses and give gifts. The most noticeable difference to the casual observer is all the fireworks. Fireworks are legal and cheap here. As soon as it got dark, the light show started. We spent a good deal of the evening on our terrace. People up and down our street and all over the city were sending up some amazing fireworks. What it lacked in organization and music it made up for in longevity. It was cool. Dangerous, but cool.

House Cleaning

Well, I am about half way through the laundry and about two-thirds of the way through with all the cupboards and drawers. Do not worry, I will persist. We have a house guest for a couple of days. This means that my cleaning will have to be done on the sly and with much less task mastering (bossing my kids around), but I will finish!


Last night (Sunday) we went to a Hindu wedding. They are beautiful and fun. My goal is to stay long enough at one to actually see the wedding ceremony. This time we made it to around midnight. While Mr. Smith made the rounds (he is the social butterfly, I am more like a social lady bug) I parked myself at a table near the dance floor and watched. I love people watching. All of the brides friends (who work together in a very stressful industry) cut loose when the music started. I have to tell you, Indian women can dance! There is something about the way they move that so amazing. Even the preteens that claimed a corner of the floor were already working on that special hip twitch that is so fascinating. There is nothing that would make a person blush about the way they dance, but there was a line of men standing off to the side watching every move. It has been a few years since I have been to a club in the US, but I think we could learn a few things from the women here. We forgot our camera so we have no pictures of the bride and groom which is a shame because Annie (the bride) was gorgeous! I do have one picture of Mr. Smith in a Sherwani. Handsome, don't you think? Anyway, I think that I will end this post by wishing a long and happy marriage to Annie and Vishal who will soon be living in wedded bliss in the US. Good luck!


suburbancorrespondent said...

Neat! Does your son watch all the kids when you go out? Nice payback for all those years of work, right?

Hunnydu72 said...

First, holy cow!! (Totally not an Indian reference.) Scott is half the Scott he used to be! I thought the picture was Ben! You guys are killing me with all the healthy Indian eating. I'm gonna have to slim down for when you come back so people still think you and I are twins. Like, 86% of my specialness comes from people mistaking me for you. Sheesh.

Second, I either missed it or, well, I missed it. Why do they have the ceremony too late for you to see it?

Third, I had my fill of fireworks on the 4th of July, 2005, in Oregon. It's legal there (coz that's where all the rain lives) and some of my friend's sister's neighbors were cooking their own home brew o'blastastical treats. I say this while making up a word, because it was a brand new neighborhood (built the year or so before), with brand new, pristine roads, and the friend's sister's neighbor, who was super o'blastastical, managed to blow a hole in the street about the size of a dinner plate.

I just throw that in for the dangerness (Also, I think, a made up word.) you've stated about the Indian fireworks. Actually, it's nice to know Americans aren't the only ones who like to see stuff explode.

Hunnydu72 said...

Hey, where the heck is this Bangladesh all the news agencies are talking about and are you guys okay/around/safe and dry?