Monday, May 7, 2007

They're just jeans, right?

I am about to seriously date myself. I miss The Miller's Outpost! For those of you who aren't familiar with The Miller's Outpost it was a fabulous store dedicated primarily to jeans. Along the whole back wall were square cubby holes full of jeans. I think they were all from the 500 series from Levi's. Just pick your favorite number (Mr. Smith's were 501's, mine were 550's) then find your waist size and length and you are good to go! And my favorite part? They looked like new jeans! Don't get me wrong, they had the circle racks on the floor full of the designer brands, or stone washed, or ripped. It was the 80's after all. But the standard, nice, new looking jeans were always available.

This last week we have been looking for jeans for Number One Son. Unfortunately at 6'5" he is larger than the average 16 year old Asian. We can't find anything that fits this kid here. Most of his things are being replaced this summer in the US, but the jeans couldn't wait. Finally we found a Levi's store in Delhi. Ah, the promised land. I hoped.

I admit that it has been a while since I have been in a Levi's store, but this was depressing. All the jeans looked like they were already 5 years old, and from experience I know that the distressed jeans don't last long at all. And the prices? The cheapest, no frills, only slightly distressed Levi's started at $50! Forget Millers Outpost, I miss Wal-Mart!

Despite my complete annoyance at the jeans styles (when did boys start wearing girls pants?) we did find some jeans that fit Number One Son. So tonight I will count my blessings and repent for the things that I have been thinking about the fashion industry, well, for some of them anyway.

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Beth said...

Now, first, Ben is 6'5"??? Stop feeding the kid!!! If you don't feed him he won't eventually be 7'10"--well, now that I think of it, feed him more!! Basketball players make sweet cash.

Second, remember livejournal? I haven't kept up that blog, so I'll start a new one here, maybe transfer some of my old favorite entries.

Third, are you losing weight? The sari picture was of a woman I barely recognized standing next to some indian chick! You look absolutely fabulous and the sari looked hugely comfy and right for the atmosphere.

Fourth---yeah, I don't have a forth, but I'll build a blog tonight at work if I have the time.


Oh!! I remember the fourth! The kids have changed so much!! I didn't recognize Mary at all and Nomies---are you sure that's Nomies??? They're all gorgeous, must be good genes!!!