Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good Days and Bad Days

Most days I would say that we are pretty settled here. There are still challenges, but we've come to expect them and we deal with them. Most days I would even be bold enough to say we are happy here. Today would not be one of those days.

Every school day I walk down the street and around the corner and wait for the school bus four times. When I step outside our gate I immediately become the focus of attention for about 3/4 of the people on the street. Since there are a billion people here, even in our little neighborhood that is usually between 50-150 people at all times. Staring is not considered rude in India and they do it openly. I am not the kind of person who likes attention and this was hard for me to get comfortable with, but I did. So this morning I took my three oldest girls to the bus and headed home. About 10 yards from my gate my ankle turned out and I dropped flat on my face in the middle of the street! I laid there for a minute, rolled over, and managed to get myself up. As I looked around I saw that 20 people had stopped what ever work they were doing and were now silently watching me brush myself off and limp to my gate.

As usual I managed to hold myself together until some one I love says something nice. This time is was Number One Son. It went something like this, I walk in the door and he says, "Mom! what happened?! Are you O.K.?" "Yah,... ha ha,.... I'm fine. I just fe.. fe.. waaaaaaahhhhhh!" I bawled for a few minutes, then I pulled myself together. Until I was reading the wheat flakes box over my cereal and saw the slogan, "Fit in a Fortnight". This made me chuckle, then giggle,then laugh, then laugh hysterically, then bawl again. At which point Mr. Smith turns to Number One Son and says, "Son, this is what is called a Mood Swing." Which just makes me laugh and then cry some more. I now realize that a full fledged break down is coming so I quickly get Skater Girl ready for school, have Number One Son take her to the bus and shut myself in my room for a good long cry followed by a good long nap.

Now I have successfully navigated the remaining two trips to the bus stop, and if asked I would say, "Yes, we enjoy it here. We are adjusting slowly but surely."


Stacy Wilson said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I got your link because you wrote on my sister blog (pound for pound or quinton family circus) and so I thought I would give it a whirl. So, I hear you on the jeans thing. I hate shopping for jeans because every store carries like 2 brands, so I end up shopping all day to find a brand that fits and usually come home empty handed. It also doesn't help being a girl. I swear my body shaped changes more than the weather, and unlike socks, one size doens't fit all (and my husband wonders why I am so into socks) And just so you know, it's not that much better in the us. Apparently they must use a lot of gas to make jeans because the only thing that is going up in price like blue jeans are gas prices. Anyway I don't know if any of that made sense but i hope so.

Mr. Smith Goes To Delhi said...

Thank you for checking in! I love the fact that I'm meeting (well sort of) a whole family on the other side of the world! Come back anytime.

Aunt Carol said...

Thank you for posting pictures of the kids. Hugs from their Aunt Carol. Tell them I can't wait for Christmas..if you will let me I will be there to spoil them rotten if their Grandma and Grandpa haven't already done that. Kisses for you and Scott