Thursday, May 24, 2007

Put Me In The Zoo!

The first of our Monday excursions is complete! I don't know if it was successful, but it is complete. We wanted to do something kid friendly before we hit the historical or more cultural sights. The girls picked the zoo. Oh yeah. The truth is, I have never liked the zoo, and with the exception of the time the orangutan threw poop at a date I had decided I didn't like, my memories of the zoo aren't fond ones.
It didn't start well, it was hot (duh) and the first several attractions were different types of....
Deer! Unfortunately, I spent a year and a half in southern Utah, driving white knuckled, while praying that no deer decided to leap in front of me. That was enough to take the "Bambi" polish off deer forever! Plus, there was the usual crowd we draw when we walk outside. When the kids and I would stop to wait for Mr. Smith (who took all the lovely pictures) the crowd generally stopped with us. Of course they also wanted pictures of our family and of the twins. I have to admit that I was working myself up into a real tizzy. But then I noticed two things. First I noticed the pure joy on Dennis The Menace's face as he imitated the bear. How he gleefully roared at the people around him and how they happily roared back. Then I noticed that my husband was taking picture of the animals, and also of the Indian children. What was I so uptight about? For the rest of the time I relaxed and tried to enjoy myself. Admittedly there wasn't much time left, but it was the best part. I decided to post a few of my favorite pictures. The last one is for JRM.


Toni said...

I love the sign in that last picture "Beware of stray monkeys". I suppose those three lovelies were the strays?

I think that as popular as your family is, soon you will tell us they are doing some kind of 20/20-type show India style about you.

Aunt Carol said...

Toni, That was my thought too. They are such cute little monkeys.
I will send Anderson Cooper to visit you from 20/20 and then make sure I am visiting at the same time.