Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Things That Go CRASH In The Night" or "What Did You Say?!" as told by Mrs. Smith

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind howled angrily as lightening flashed across the sky. Suddenly, Mr. and Mrs. Smith heard a loud rumble followed by several ear splitting crashes! Knowing from experience that this could only mean that large stone tiles had fallen off the side of the house, Mrs. Smith ran out into the violent storm yelling, "Where is the guard?! Find the guard!" You see, Mrs. Smith secretly feared that one day a stone tile would fall and crush the poor guard who often placed his chair up against the house. Luckily the guard had taken refuge from the storm in the utility room and was safe and sound. "Thank goodness!" said Mrs. Smith.

A few days later some very nice men came to replace the broken tiles. Some other men brought large pieces of stone to be cut into tiles and still others brought a large pile of dirt to help make a magic glue that would hold those silly stones on the wall.

"But wait," one man said, "even this magic glue made of dirt will not hold these large pieces of stone up. We need something stronger."

"Hmmm..." said the men who brought the dirt.
"Hmmm..." said the men who brought the stone.
"Hmmm..." said the men who came to replace the broken tiles.

Finally someone came up with a brilliant idea. "Let us drill a hole...

in every corner...

of every tile...

over the whole house.

Then, we can put a post in every hole in every corner of every tile over the whole house to make it a very strong house indeed!"

"Yes, let's!" cried the men who brought the dirt.
"Yes, let's!" cried the men who brought the stone.
"Yes, let's!" cried the men who came to replace the broken tiles.

So, that is what they did. They drilled, and they drilled, and they drilled... and they drilled. Soon, people in the neighborhood began to wonder why that nice American family up the street all looked so cranky and why they were all plugging their ears, but mostly the people wondered why they had all developed eye ticks. "Those funny Americans," all the people exclaimed, "they really are too amusing! What would we do without them to entertain us with their crazy antics?"

The moral of this story is two fold. First, when living in India one should always own a reliable pair of ear plugs, and second, American Sign Language is awfully useful.
The End. (What? You couldn't hear me over all the drilling?)
The End!
The E... Oh forget it!

In the mean time, Skater Girl wants to make sure everyone knows that tiles aren't the only things that have been falling out of place aroung the Smith household.
Skater Girl's current stats: 5 teeth lost, 1 grown back, 1 loose.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Pretty house, though! Even with all the holes...

Mohan Nanjundan said...
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Aunt Carol said...

Skater Girl must have to eat alot of ice cream with no teeth for biting. Cute!

Question: Did the men put anything in the hole of the tile?

Mrs. G. said...

Loving that toofless grin!

Mohan Nanjundan said...

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. I did stop by your blog: it's great - very compassionate, humourous, true to life in Delhi.

Octamom said...

Wow--those are some interesting techniques! Gorgeous house-- and I love the lost tooth shot!!


Toni said...

So, I still don't get how they are going to get the large tile to stick. Are they going to screw it up? (Hah! No pun intended, but it's kind of funny anyway) I mean, are they going to hold it up with screws?

Octamom said...

Okay, the bald spot in the carpet is actually a metal disc that houses two additional plug-ins--it cracks me up, though, because the living room is rather, um, cozy, and to my mind, there is really only one way to place the furniture--which would not include putting a furniture piece in that particular spot without blocking a major access point through the room!

Always fun to see you over at my place! Your Skater Girl needs to come jump on the trampoline with my guys--they're a little weary of all the princess play! ;o)


Hunnydu72 said...

Do you need me to send you hard hats for eight and dentures? I'm hoping her teeth are falling out naturally.