Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rollin' On The River

Traffic in Delhi is very different from anything I ever saw in Arizona. I have been told that a former expat, who lived here until just over a year ago, once said that traffic in the US is like a production line in a factory while traffic in India is more like a river. Now, he was a pretty smart and eloquent guy, so I am sure it sounded a lot better when he said it, but the message is still true. It really doesn't matter where the lines are, whether or not there is a traffic light, or even if a small child is selling magazines in the middle of the road, everything just flows around it.

I have always loved people watching, and on the streets of Delhi there is always something to see. I have actually considered keeping a camera in the car to document some of the bizarre things we see everyday as we move about the city, but, just like Alice in Wonderland, although I give myself such very good advice, I very rarely follow it. Luckily, it seems that almost every electronic gadget has a camera in it, so we have caught a few good ones.

This first one is a video I stole from YouTube. It isn't here in Delhi, you can tell because if it was in Delhi there would be about a thousand more cars and several cows, but it is a good example of the free for all driving that is common here.

We were recently sideswiped by...

An ox cart! No lie.

This is a very common sight.
(See the leg from passenger number 4 poking out?
Don't even get me started on the whole side saddle thing!)

If you study very hard while you are here...

Perhaps you can land a job here!

Speaking of jobs, I don't see this one in my future.
(Of course with the market being the way it is, who knows?)

Despite the spelling being a little off, the thought of an automated mohel had
Mr. Smith crossing his legs.

Speaking of the spelling being off...

I hope you enjoyed our little show. Maybe I'll put that camera in the car after all.
P.S. I hope you like the special October pictures over on the left. Don't worry, I still hate Halloween.


Octamom said...

I love stopping in for my daily taste of the exotic. Why, if I didn't come by here to see what you were up to, I might be forced to let the kids play in my TP stash....oh...wait..;o)

Love this traveling pictorial of all things Dehli Roadtrip--can't wait to show my crew in the morning what traffic is really like!

Thanks so much for your kind and generous email. You brought a smile to my face and happiness to my heart. Blessings, blessings on your homeschool adventures. To being homeschooling 7 in one blow (you Brave Little Tailor) is quite an undertaking. I pray for peace and endurance and encouragement and joy for you. You can do it, you can do it!!!


lauralquinton said...

love the halloween pics! Especially thing!! That was great!

Toni said...

I could not drive in that. It would make me crazy. In fact, if I was a passenger in that I would have to close my eyes the entire trip.

Octamom said...

Paper wads on the ceiling...good to know....always like a pre-warning on these little games....

Heee heee! Good to see you over at my place today! Hugs!


Kalynne Pudner said...

Thanks for following me from Derfwad Manor to my own blog! Not only do I appreciate your compliments, but I got to see what it's like in Delhi. Wow! You're MY new hero!

Omgirl said...

Hi! Blog lurker and x-India live-er here. Just wanted to say, you really should follow your own advice and take pictures of all the crazy stuff you see that has become so everyday to you now. Because some day you'll go home and think, Wait, I didn't take a picture of that? I didn't take a picture of That? I didn't even take a picture of THAT? Why didn't I?! (Ask me how I know.)

Fun reading your blog!

Aunt Carol said...

I need a new post, I am having Mr. Smith blog withdrawls. Hope you are all fine
Aunt Carol

Hunnydu72 said...

Oh, wow. I just saw the traffic video and I thought I had vertigo and sea sickness! Who was driving when you were sideswiped by an oxcart?