Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What We've Been Doing - Part Two

If you are joining us late and missed part one, scroll down and read that first. If you've already read it or just don't care, then let's get on with the stories.

Hanging Out In The US

This part of our trip was not so fun. Mostly we went through mail, paid bills and wondered what else we could do to help those in the hospital. We did get to see most of our family which was great. We both come from wonderful families, so seeing them is a treat. The kids were in cousin heaven.

Another bright spot came in the form of a check. We received a tax refund that we had been waiting for. It was deposited right away, but because they are mad with power, the bank put a hold on it. On the very day that the funds were released I had a small but painful accident. I was walking on a completely smooth sidewalk with no obstacles whatsoever in my way, yet this small task proved to be too much for me and I tripped myself. Sadly I happened to be a few feet in front of our parked rental car at the time. After a face plant into the grill of the car I fell onto the asphalt and laid there trying to breath, or speak, or something. Well, I thought I was trying to speak, but Mr. Smith informs me that as I laid there in the parking lot I was swearing like a sailor. This is strange for two reasons. First, I have no memory of that at all and second, I do not swear. Mr. Smith helped me to my feet and started making arrangements to take me to the emergency room. Trust me, I hurt bad enough that I probably should have gone, but instead I grabbed his arm and whispered, "I am not going to the ER! They are not getting that refund check!" Ahhh. Priorities.

A few hours later, when I was fully medicated and had ice on all of the swelling spots, I compared notes with Mr. Smith. Both of us had the same first thought when I fell, "Oh no! Three people for Mr. Smith to visit in the hospital!" I am happy to report, however, that although my face was lopsided and a strange color for the next two weeks, ibuprofen saw me through and no medical attention was needed.

Seeing London

After two weeks in Arizona it was time to head back. Mom and Dad Smith were still in the hospital, but they were both on the mend. Since we always fly through London, we decided to stop there for a few days and see the sights. Our days in London were a lot of fun. The first day was a little rough, though. We made the mistake of thinking we could navigate the underground with all of our luggage and our kids. So dumb. So very, very, dumb.

We made it onto the first train alright and rode for about twenty minutes without killing Dennis The Menace or loosing any bags. Then we went to transfer to our second train. We didn't realize that at this station, the stops were very fast. Our second train pulled in and half of us got on with our bags when the doors started to close. I put my leg through, thinking that the door would just bounce back open, but it just kept trying to close! I wedged my whole body into the door and started to yell for our daughters, Skater Girl and Star On Stage, to get in before the train pulled away. You should have seen the panicked chaos. Luckily, two men were on the platform and saw our struggle. They pulled the doors open and practically tossed the girls and their carry-ons onto the train! Relieved, we all settled in for another leg of our journey. Of course Dennis was a little more bold on this trip and was very excited about the fact that you could stand up and hold a pole while the train was moving. After another 20 minutes our stop was coming up. I grabbed all the kids and threw them off the train while Mr. Smith tossed all of the luggage out. As we were looking at the map to see which train was next, (we had two more to go) I was paged to the office. When you have only been in a country for two hours and they are already paging you, it can't be a good thing.

It turned out that I had left my purse on the last train. We had to take an extra train to go pick up my purse, at which point my kind and brilliant husband walked out of the tube station and hired two taxi's to take us the rest of the way to our hotel. Secure in the knowledge that all of my children were strapped into locked vehicles I leaned back, closed my eyes, and listened to the familiar sounds of Hindi being spoken as our taxi driver in London communicated over the radio with the cab company. What a small world.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Um, you're missing a kid. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR TEENAGE SON? I know he can probably be annoying, but I still think you shouldn't ditch him in the London Tube.

Alisa said...

You and dear husband are amazing. Really.

Mrs. Smith said...

Sorry SC. I really meant to address that. Number One Son decided to get his GED and try to get two years of college classes done before he leaves for his mission. Since High School online wasn't his favorite thing, we figured University classes online weren't going to be much better. Sending him home to live with Mr. Smith's parents seemed to be the best options for a number of reasons. We all miss him terribly, but he seems pretty happy and he is able to lend a helping hand to his Grandparents.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

oh, wow - big changes! I can see where he would be anxious to get on with his life. My 16 going on 17 son is endeavoring to do all of junior year this summer, so that he can start senior year (a full year ahead) in the fall. When these boys get motivated, there is no stopping him. You are wise not to get in his way.

Rachel said...

Well I am sure all the hectic aspects of the trip wasn't one hundred percent enjoyable to you but it sure makes great reading for us!

Aunt Carol said...

We love "Dennis the Menace" he is so like Mr. Smith as a child and we love him too. Okay, okay we love all the Smiths. You have such great kids, as does Mr. Smith's brother. I have my own Dennis the Menase (married him before I knew the Menase part). Glad you made it back to India safe and sound. I hope part 3 is in the works. LOVE your stories

Seiperts in India said...

glad to have you back, we are back too!

I have to tell you I laughed out loud at the spill into the rental car. But totally glad your ok!!

Seiperts in India said...

Big T will be sad to hear that B is no longer with us...in India anyway!

Toni said...

Dang, Fetch, Oh-My-Heck, What The Holy Scrud . . . . (Mormon alternatives to your sailor swearing, but I know you've heard them sung throughout the house many times). I really wish I was there to witness the swearing. Although, I think I would have been too panicked at the fall to notice the swearing, but maybe not.

Everytime we go to New York, Nacho toys with the idea of subwaying-it to where we stay. Thankfully we have not tried it yet. I am going to have him read this post.

Hunnydu72 said...

I'm glad I read the first half of what you did prior to this one...are you okay? If it helps I always jump onto my bed like I'm spritely 6 again, then realize I have the lower back of a 95 year old. Every time.