Saturday, April 12, 2008

Letters About India, Part 2

Dear Men In India,

I was wondering, is it possible for you to go to the bathroom somewhere besides alongside the road? I realize that there is not an indoor bathroom available at all times, but there are buildings, trees, bushes and garbage cans. Pee behind one of them. Also, if people can "hold" number two all day just to use the bathrooms in their own homes, perhaps you could time it so that you at least waited until after dark? Maybe even just walk a little further from the street?

Not only does this practice of going where ever you happen to be totally gross out my daughters and I, but I have a 5 year old son that I have to take back to live in the US someday. If for some crazy reason he decides that it is O.K. to "cop a squat" any old place, it could prove quite embarrassing.

Let's not forget the cleanliness factor. Well there really is too much to get into here on this particular issue. Let's just say there is a very high "Ick Factor" for this practice and leave it at that.

As a last ditch effort, here is an idea I had. Perhaps you and some of your friends could work together and form human walls for each other. Think of it as a team building activity. Something, anything, please.


Mrs. Smith


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

See? I'm learning something new in India every day. You can't pick up info like this on Wikipedia.

Alisa said...

Amy, reading your blog make me miss you so much! You always make me laugh. That's awful that you have to witness Indian men who can't wait. Yuck!

Kristi O said...

I am cracking up. I have many friends who travel to India and this is one of their pet peeves. Thanks for the letter.

Rachel said...

Well I thought it was hard having kids and all the quirks that comes with child rearing but this is a bit worse. I don't even like to be in the bathroom when I am using it. But watching someone else go...outside!?!??...blechhhhhh

Pikaboo said...

Stepping in dog poo is bad enough, I can't imagine having to watch out for human poo too! That would just be...ew!

Lauren said...

You don't have to go to India to see guys pee on the street. Teenagers used to pee on the fence behind our house in Long Beach, California. Good luck with that. :)

Alex said...

Thanks, Lauren, for that enlightenment.
Dear Mrs Amy(?) Smith,
Kindly recommend to your government that before being eager to sell the F-16 for an inflated amount as you do to India and in turn keep yours and Israel's defense industry alive, kindly arrange for a few movable toilets as well. As you would notice and know by now, our own (incompetent) government, even after more than 60 years of self rule, is unable to provide such basic facilities to its people, a little help in form of a few western toilets placed around their homes would do wonders.
Of course, please remind them that there shall be no monetary compensation for that, as its purely to secure the future of a few American kids that live some to live here. Is it your government's responsibility as well?

Wishes and regards,
A Indian citizen concerned about future of future American generation.

Mrs. Smith said...


I am truly sorry if my post upset you. I am not going for social commentary, just a little entertainment for those we left back in the states and a way to explain the amazing things we see every day. I have grown to love India, largely due to the many good people we have met during our stay.