Sunday, February 3, 2008

Better Than Nothing (I Hope)

Just in case anyone noticed, I haven't posted much lately. Not only have I, and several members of my family, been sick (we are all on antibiotics now) but I have been suffering from something much, much worse. Blogger Block. The alliteration makes it sound cute, but believe me, it is a very serious condition! It isn't that I had no ideas, it's that I had a lot of little dumb ones. So in place of a quality post, I am going to post a few of the dumb ideas that I had. Lucky you!

First of all, you may have noticed that I have posted our first video! Ta Da! For those of you who wanted to see the mohawk that "number one son" sported for a week or so, here it is. The video is short but noisy, so turn down the volume. It's just airport noise, nothing important. The hair had a bed head look because we were in the middle of a very long layover between two very long flights, but, it is a good view of the whole thing. Ignore the aviators. Seriously, why do guys think girls are impressed by aviators?

The second idea was about India's new coins. India has started printing one and two Rupee coins with hands printed on them to show their worth. I can't decide if this is for the illiterate, or if, like everything else being done in India, it is in preparation for the Commonwealth Games that India is hosting in 2010. I didn't ever think about the fact that languages with a different alphabet than ours might also use a different number system. How eurocentric am I? Anyway, this was the best picture I could get, which is one of the reasons I didn't do a post about this.

Idea number three was concerning our neighbor's construction. About a month after we moved in our neighbor decided to tear down the existing house and build flats instead. Construction in India is a very different thing than I am used to seeing in the US. (Duh.) There are no electric or power tools of any kind. None. All ladders and scaffolding are made from bamboo poles. Some of the workers live on-site and it takes for ever. First came the demolition. They soaked every thing down with water to soften the the cement, then hammered and chiseled for months. I am not kidding. Unfortunately our wall is touching their wall, so our wall has been soaked down continually for almost a year. Doesn't that seem like a bad thing? When I mentioned this to the office they made sure that the neighbor was going to pay for repainting when the construction was done. It seems to me that there might be a larger issue here, but apparently not. The best part is the constant sound of hammering. It is much better now that they are constructing rather than demolishing, but what are we going to do when they are done? How will we know that we are home if we can't hear someone hammering on the other side of our wall? How will we sleep without the insomniac construction worker lulling us to sleep with the song of his hammer?

Last but not least (because let's face it the three previous ideas were pretty lame so how could this one possibly be "least") on February 1, 2008 we hit our one year mark. Theoretically we only have two more to go. I can totally do this two more times! I might even enjoy myself, but don't tell anyone, contentment is very unfunny and therefore very un-blog-worthy.

So, have you been dazzled by the video, pictures and link all in one post? No? Fine. Starting right now I am doing some serious brain storming to come up with something good for next week. Be ready to laugh and cry and learn something awesome.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

The voice of experience here - write down the mundane, stupid stuff - you are really going to want to remember it years from now. And you forget how interested your readers are in your exotic experiences (the construction thing was fascinating!) - I'm sitting here wondering what going to the doctor is like in India, and you didn't tell me!

You do want to worry about mold issues with that wet wall, you know...

Aunt Carol said...

Tell #1 son his aunt loves his mohock. Then tell him I remember when Mr. Smith shaved his head and looked like a skin head (which he most definitely is not)and took you and I to a movie (The Firm)in an area where "skin heads" would never go. At least the girls haven't gone crazy with their hair.
YET! They are such sweet girls. You will have your hands full when #2 son becomes a teenager. ho ho ho. He is so like Mr. Smith when he was little. We are still talking about fun time with twins and Mary while you were in California.

1 yr 362 days to go!

Toni said...

Oh how I have missed you since you went on blog vacation. The gazillion hits on your site are mine. Welcome back. Mwah!

If you type dull and mundane stuff, I will totally relate to you! And so far, I have found none of your blogs dull or mundane.

Seiperts in India said...

Just stopped by to say hello!

Rachel said...

I love the end of the video.
and by the way...I totally hear you on the blogger-block...I just ended a long stretch