Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dinner & A Movie

The makings for my favorite date night.

Everyone in our family is looking forward to different foods when we are back in the US for our vacation. But I was thinking, why not throw in some movies and make it complete? I mean dinner by itself is just Wednesday night, but dinner and a movie is a party, right? Don't get me wrong, we have enjoyed watching some Bollywood films. But I am so excited to see American films again, I can hardly stand it. The problem is, I have no idea what movies I have missed.

So, you tell me what I should see. What DVDs have come out since January that I need to rent? What movies shall I make Mr. Smith take me to see in the theater? What DVDs should I buy? My only requests are these: Nothing racier than PG-13 and they must have a happy ending. And none of this "they're not together anymore, but they are better off and stronger" crap! I want Happy Endings! I know this is shallow, and I am sure that I will miss seeing some great films, but I only have three weeks. Here is a general guideline:

Loved The Notebook - Hated Titanic
Loved Somewhere In Time (I know, I'm old) - Hated Titanic
Loved Notting Hill - Hated The Break Up
Loved The Wedding Singer - Hated Little Nicky
Loved Ever After - Hated Never Been Kissed
Loved Tommy Boy - Hated Hated Hated Napoleon Dynamite

In general I also like feel good sports movies and pretty much anything with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in it. Please don't mock me. Have you seen him?

Oh yeah, since I do have a husband and some kids you can also include movies that they might like. I want lots of suggestions, so if you read this post, you had better leave a comment with a recommendation! (You can stay anonymous if you must. Big chicken.)


suburbancorrespondent said...

Honey, I've seen maybe 2 movies in the theater in 12 years (Sense and Sensibility & The Good Shepherd). Sense and Sensibility is definitely good family viewing.

On DVD, we only watch movies we've already seen, so that we don't have to preview them for the kids (because we don't have time). So many movies that people say are okay, aren't. So I only have old movie recommendations. Casablanca is my all-time favorite - if your kids haven't seen it yet, you have to show it to them. Good history lesson, too.

When are you going home? How long?

Anonymous said...

"The Game Plan" should help you get your Dwayne Johnson fix, and "This Christmas" is pretty good. I have not seen "Enchanted" or "Fred Clause" yet, but they are supposed to be pretty good too.

Jill said...

I never saw Titanic. Who wants to see a movie where you know the majority of people die at the end?
My kids loved Meet the Robinsons. They watched it on the portable DVD player multiple times on our long drive to and back from California last week. It's a cute "happy ending" movie.
We are going to see Enchanted this week. I'll let you know how it is. My cousin and her kids said it was wonderful.
I agree with you on movies with happy endings. Who wants to go to a movie and leave feeling depressed? Did you see AI (artificial intielligence)? I hated that movie! I don't care how "artistic" people think a movie is, if you don't leave the theater with a good feeling, what's the point?

Toni said...

Chris and I saw Game Plan. It had good parts, but some really bad acting. While the Rock looks good, the acting was poor. Enchanted is a must see! I have the DVD Hairspray which was fun and John Travolta did a good job playing a woman. Speaking of Travolta, Road Hogs is funny and fun. The movie August Rush is also a must see. We were going to see Fred Clause but someone told us it wasn't really worth spending the time or money. I'm not really a Vince Vaughn fan either. And I have Karen's High Road To China. I will try to remember to bring it back. That is always worth watching again. Tom Selleck is great eye candy.

If I think of some more I will let you know.

mimi said...

in order of must view immediately:

Stardust -out on DVD Dec. 18th. best movie of my life. ive seen it 4 times in the theater. happiest of the happy endings.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium- if you love dustin hoffman.

Across the Universe -inde musical film with new takes on Beatles songs. It was surprisingly clean, and i dont remember if there was profanity. but i loved the music and it was original and eclectic, but not for everyone. watch a trailer first.

Dan in Real Life- my parents loved it.

S. Ray said...
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S. Ray said...

Dear Smiths x9,

A year ago, I downsized to small evaporative cooled block house with plaster walls. Having survived a summer there, I now understand why the walls were plastered and not dry walled.

Has there been anything about your house in India that you didn’t see the logic of when you moved in that you now understand the reasons why it was designed that way?

(I deleted my previous version of this comment due to a gramatical error... sorry, really should do that "preview" thing)

toni said...

transformers, pirates of the carribean 3, guardian, surf's up, high school musical . . .

Cat mom said...

Shrek the Third is every bit as good as the first two. Good, clean, family entertainment that is very funny!

Alisa said...

Good kids movies
-Meet the Robinsons
-Shrek 3
-Surfs Up

**My girls absolutely LOVED "High School Musical 2" and "Hairspray"!

I see movies when they come out on video but we did go see "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" on a date, and if you liked the first 2, you'll like this one.

Also, on that same front - if you liked the earlier movies - Dave saw & liked "Oceans 13" & "Bourne Ultimatum". I haven't seen those yet.

Dave & Melanie saw "August Rush" and loved it and I'm planning to take the girls to see "Enchanted" because I've heard nothing but great things about it from everyone and it's in theaters now.

Hope that helped! You're like some returned missionaries - they come home and watch movies nonstop to catch up.

Kristi O said...

Enchanted is a must see.
Don't see the Golden Compass,
We liked Shrek 3, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and we liked RV, I hope its PG 13 it has Robin Williams in it and it made me laugh

Sam said...

Wow! Since January... that's a whole year of movies! After reading some of the previous posts, a lot of them are only talking about the current movies, they're forgetting that you all have been MIA from the movie scene for almost a whole year... so here is a more comprehensive list.

Great Kid Movies:

Ratatouille (G -- Great addition to the Disney collection)

Meet the Robinsons (G -- Another great addition to the Disney collection)

The Simpsons Movie (PG-13, extremely funny -- in true Simpson's tradition, but if you don't watch the TV show you probably won't like this either)

Enchanted (PG -- about a cartoon princess who gets sucked into the "real world")

The Bridge to Terabithia (PG -- based on the children's book, really good)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PG-13 -- if your kids saw/read the others, they'll want to see this one too)

Stardust (PG-13 -- fantasy movie, guy who promises to capture a falling star which turns out to be a person, and their adventures in returning to their own realm)

Surf's up (PG -- entertains the idea that surfing was invented by penguins, cute)

Shrek the 3rd (PG -- if you saw the first two, you'll want to see this one, cute ending)

The Last Mimzy (PG -- children's fantasy movie, quite cute)

Bee Movie (PG -- Jerry Seinfeld as an animated Pixar bee, hilarious and cute)

Pirates of the Caribbean: at world's end (PG-13 -- if you saw the first two, you'll want to see this one)

Nancy Drew (PG -- based on the children's books, really cute)

The Golden Compass (PG-13 -- I actually saw this (I know there are terrible reviews, but ignore them) it's based on the books, it's the first installment of the trilogy, so people were expecting more of an "ending" but it's a continuing story... so the happy ending isn't coming unitl the end of the 3rd one)

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (G -- children's fantasy movie, I thought this one was a bit weird, but kids would love it)

Happily N'Ever After (PG -- a spin on Cinderella where the villians take over, but it still has a happy ending, cute movie)

Great Parent Movies:

The Bourne Ultimatum (PG-13 -- I saw this in the theater, GREAT!, especially if you liked the first two)

Freedom Writers (PG-13 -- about a teacher who is able to reach a group of at-risk teens after the Rodney King beatings in CA in the 90's -- GREAT HAPPY ENDING)

Spiderman 3 (PG-13 -- if you saw the first two, you'll want to see this one)

Ocean's 13 (PG-13 -- if you saw the first two, you'll want to see this one)

Music and Lyrics (PG-13 -- if Mrs. Smith likes romantic comedies, this one is good, especially if you like Hugh Grant)

Pride (PG -- really great!, Terrance Howard as a swimming coach dealing with the racial tensions of the 70's)

No Reservations (PG -- if Mrs. Smith likes romantic comedies, this one is good, especially if you like Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Transformers (PG-13 -- based on the cartoons from the 80's... maybe for the older kids)

There were some other good movies this year, but they were rated R, so I didn't include them... :)

Lauren said...

Do you own "Madagascar" yet?

Our whole family loves it, especially my husband. We just watched it (again) tonight.

My husband and I watched "An Ideal Husband" last night. Good rental, along with "The Importance of Being Earnest." Very dry British humor romantic comedies.