Sunday, September 16, 2007

Think Pink

I recognize that this is my third post in one week. It is not my fault, until tomorrow when Mr. Smith returns, I have more down time than I am used to. Besides, after my last post I thought you all deserved a laugh.

Several times a week, before Uday says goodnight, he calls me into the kitchen to show me what he is leaving us for dessert. 90% of the time it is very good. But I have learned that Uday is the kind of cook that does not use recipes. Each time he makes rolls, or cakes or what ever, it tastes just a little different than the last time. One thing I really wish that he would get a recipe for is pudding. It is almost never good. I don't think he "gets" pudding. I think pudding must not translate into the Indian psyche. To be fair, I am sure that if I took milk, curdled it, squeezed it into a ball, deep fried it and then served it with really thick syrup it would not be good either. But we are not talking about me.

Two nights ago Uday showed me a bowl of very pink pudding. I knew instantly that Her Majesty would love it to pieces. I was equally sure that after her one bowl, the rest would go down the drain. But, after Uday had left, I called the kids in to ask them if they wanted any dessert.

"It looks like Pepto Bismol."

"No," I assured them, "it's pretty and it smells yummy."

"Do you think he used Pepto Bismol?"

"No, of course not. Come on lets give it a try." Not willing to commit to whole bowls of pudding just yet, we all grabbed spoons and tried it. Uh....yeah, it was Pepto Bismol Pudding. I quickly checked the bottle of Pepto Bismol on the counter and was not so surprised to see that it's contents were visibly reduced.

I really can't blame Uday for this mistake. Unlike all the other medicine, which is kept in a cupboard in my bedroom, the Pepto Bismol has been on the kitchen counter for three or four weeks. Two of our children have tender tummies and I find it easier to keep it within reach. It is not hard to believe that after watching it's contents disappear slowly over several weeks, Uday decided that it was something we enjoyed. Surprisingly, not so much in pudding form. I still shudder just looking at the picture. Needless to say the Pepto Bismol has been put back into the medicine cupboard.


suburbancorrespondent said...

You guys were brave to try that stuff. But it makes a great story!

Rachel said...

That was a great story.
Just think... you and your children,for the rest of your lives, will never be able to separate pepto bismol and Uday.

Mrs. Smith said...

All of the new family jokes that this provided made it totally worth it!

Kristi O said...

I love reading your blog. I found it from Shauna at Up in the nite. I check in often and pray for your family! thanks for the daily musings in India.

Aunt Carol said...

How about I send you some "instant" pudding? You could show Uday how to make it. Better yet the kids could make dessert for Uday! Give him E for effort.

shauna said...

Oh, what a GREAT story. And how observant and quick to please Uday is. You gotta give the guy props. The picture itself made me laugh outloud!

Hunnydu72 said...

Ewww...ewwwwwwwwww...well---no I can't even imaging eating it and enjoying it. When the kids get sick, will you be feeding them pudding? Did you tell Uday what his main ingredient does?

Hunnydu72 said...

Sorry, it looked like the first one didn't post, so I hit you with a second one. Mylanta Pie?

Lauren said...

Wow, thanks for that blog. :)

Anonymous said...

How's it going, Amy! This is your previous classmate, Aaron! Judy Burgess just forwarded me your blog. Boy, you're the creative one, aren't you!

I hope Scott isn't going too crazy trying to find the silk and wool that I wanted him to look for me, it's no big deal. It sounds like you all are having an interesting time out in India. Man, I wish I could join you!

Well, I'll probably check in with you every once in a while to say hello.

God bless!