Saturday, July 7, 2007

This entry is not for men, or women who offend easily!

More than a week since my last entry? Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger! Unfortunately there has been precious little to write about. We did have a flood caused by our poor plumbing, but I am tired of water stories. I am happy to announce that both the plumbing and my washer were fixed quickly. Now, on to this week's story.

I have a hard time finding hairdressers that I like. I am indecisive, so I need someone who doesn't mind making suggestions; but I am also picky, so they must have good taste and skill. It is not a job for the faint hearted. I was in need of a hair cut when we got here in February, and this being July, you can imagine how badly I needed to find a salon. It is not hard to find a salon here, there are lots of them around. The problem is that they all look kind of icky, and I assume that no one speaks English. This wouldn't work for me. When I see the finished product, I often feel as if the person who cut my hair didn't understand a thing I told them anyway, but I would like to think there was at least a chance.

Yesterday Mr. Smith noticed that a new salon/day spa had opened in the shopping complex nearby. After scoping it out for me, he made me an appointment for this morning. I admit, I was excited. I decided that I would have a cut and color. Then I started thinking about the "day spa" portion of the business. After much internal debate, I decided to go for a facial too. My face has not felt clean since we got here, and my breakouts were increasing. When I got there they went into high pressure sales mode. After looking at all the services they offered, I picked a more extensive facial and I chose to have my eyebrows threaded as well. I have plucked my eyebrows exactly once in my life, so they were definitely bushy, and it was only 40 rupees which translates to $1.

Just by the way, threading hurts. If you were one of the unfortunate people who tried an Epi Lady, imagine a tiny one made just for eyebrows. Basically they twist up a long thread, then use it to rip out hairs as they twist and untwist it. Now, common sense told me this was going to hurt, but I had forgotten why I had only plucked my eyebrows once in my life: because I'm a baby, and it hurts like a son of a motherless goat!

The facial was an interesting experience. Several goopy substances were smeared on, massaged in, then wiped off my face. Twice I felt an electric current being sent through my face. The first time by some kind of wand, the second, by special gloves. Weird, yet cool. At the end, a VERY thick goop was applied to my face, effectively sealing my mouth and eyes shut. This was left on for about 20 minutes while the girl massaged lotion into my hands, arms, shoulders, neck and then WHAM!...she went to second base! I am going to assume that this is normal, surprising, yet normal.

The interesting part for me is that through the whole thing I was totally terrified someone might try to touch my feet. The marble floors dry out my feet big time, so my heels are cracked and no matter how hard I scrub, my feet no longer look clean. So, essentially, what I have learned about myself is this: It's O.K. with me if you want to have a go at my girls (a term I picked up from my niece-in-law), but if you want to see my feet, I'm going to have to know you better. This is a revelation to say the least.

All in all, the score card looks like this:
Five hours away from the kids: Good
Hair color: Fabulous
Hair style: Cute
Eyebrows: Neat and trim
Facial skin: Not a big, blocked pore in sight
Embarrassment factor: High - Next time I will opt for the less extensive facial


Aunt Carol said... are so funny. NOW where is the before and after pictures?????

Aunt Carol said...

Amy, Next time add a pedicure. I had cracked feet last year and had a few pedicures and then use the... (thing you rub on feet that is ruff but works)luffa or something like that. Old age setting in.

Mr. Smith Goes to Delhi said...

Before and after pictures? Now YOU are the funny one!

Toni said...

Would love to see the after pictures. I vote put one up! I want to see the cute haircut. And absolutely no pedicures for me. I would be mortified if someone saw or touched my feet. It must run in the family.

Hunnydu72 said...

Alright, so I totally need to see the cut and color! Picture!! Picture!! Picture!!! I have the pedicure but since I'm freakishly ticklish they can't touch the arch of my foot, but always the pedicure people have this stuff that they put on your heel that eats away at the rough stuff, then they loofa the rest off, leaving smooth baby heel. I think you'd dig it.

I've been dying to get a real facial. I think I have pores that have 1984 dirt still in them.

I must see a picture!! You never know, I might print up a picture and have Jenny do something similar, eh?

Marilyn said...

Amy,your spa adventure sounded great. If they sealed my mouth shut I wouldn,t have been able to breathe. Hope you will post a picture, I'd love to see your new do.

Aunt Carol said...

Ditto on what Toni says about the pedicure. Once you have one you will want more! I am also ticklish but for some reason it doesn't bother me much when I get a pedicure. I think I will schedule a pedicure for me. Try it you will love it.

Oh, I have to share. I desided to shave my legs and hit one of those veins that you get when you get old. Wham, I had blood squirting everywhen (Dennis says I sprung a leak). Had to go to emergency. Good news, everything is okay. Extra Good News I had a CUTE MALE Nurse named Jason. Getting old is a dog :-)

Mr. Smith Goes to Delhi said...

Carol, when you are 90 you will be young. You just have the soul of a 17 year old girl!

O.K. I will have Scott take a picture tomorrow and post it. Blech!

Mr. Smith's Brother said...

Great Story! Same thing happened to me at the Wal-Mart a few weeks back. I, of course, slapped the guy (then got his phone number).

shauna said...

I love this blog! Thanks for sharing it with me--I'll definitely become a regular. And I'm with everyone else: PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!!

Aunt Carol said...

You mean I am not 17??? Darn! You know I never feel old or fat but when I look in the mirror I must face the truth. But I can act young anyway. Waiting for the picture!!

Shauna welcome to a great blog. Amy does a good job on the adventures of the Smiths.

Aunt Carol said...

Okay, it's been a week, where is the "after" picture? Still want to see the color and style before they are gone :-)