Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Someone who was familiar with 70's pop might think that the title of this blog entry means that I am feeling a little down. Not at all. I am actually quite happy. The only things that should be deduced from the title are: 1. It is raining. 2. It is Monday. & 3. I recently spent $16 on iTunes purchasing Carpenter's songs. I don't really have any feelings on the subject of Mondays, but I love the rain and I love The Carpenter's, so today, life is good.

It is my firm belief that the rainy season has started. You might think that my first clue was all the rain. Not so. My first clue was that when I stepped out of our house to go to church, my glasses fogged over completely. It was like coming out of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride without someone asking me to remain seated in four different languages. Luckily my lenses cleared in time for me to find my way to the car without any injuries. Surely my second clue was the rain. Unfortunately no. I seem to be a tad slow. No, the second thing
that clued me into the change in the season were the beautiful blooms on the potted plants on our porch. I had no idea the these plants were anything other than nice green plants. They didn't look like anything that would bloom. But as you can see they do bloom and they are dramatic and lovely, befitting their home in the jungle.

Finally we come to the rain. Much like the rain in Arizona, it starts quickly. It will be a bright and clear day, then within thirty minutes it is dark and the rain starts. Some times it lasts a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. It is really quite fabulous. The weather cools and all my kids run out to the porch to play in the rain. Of course it causes it's fair share of problems too. For instance, we have a door on our roof that lets the rain in. It streams down about 5 steps, then pours over the side of the spiral staircase, forming a charming waterfall for those on the first and second floor. While this is nice to look at, it is a bit dangerous because marble is very slippery when it's wet. Not so good on stairs. So far we have had no serious injuries. On the up side marble is also very easy to clean. The yuckiest problem by far is that two of our bathrooms have floor drains that back up with sewage when it rains hard for very long. Eeew. Once again, I am very glad that marble is so easy to clean.

I would like to thank Mr. Smith for the great picture of the blossoms. And while I would like to thank him for the cool picture of the rain in Delhi, the actual photographer might not appreciate it, who ever he or she is. I found that one on the Internet.


Aunt Carol said...

The rain gives new meaning to "slip and slide".

Wonderful pictures. I will send you an email of Dennis and I being "tree huggers" in the Red Woods in Northern California. Love and Hugs to the Smiths in Delhi

Toni said...

Chris always shakes his head and rolls his eyes when Arizonans talk about "monsoon season". He says nobody knows monsoon season like those in India. So now I wonder if when we talk about monsoon season, Smith Family, you will all shake your heads and roll your eyes.

Beautiful picture of the flower!